Monday, July 31, 2006

Sharing Some Humor

Great meal choice, I'd say!

It's a frog's life

Let's go to the zoo!

Texas Limo

Friday, July 28, 2006

Expressing Deep Concern

I am a little hesitant about sharing this info because it is about my step-son but I am hoping to get some feedback that will be helpful for him.

While attending a funeral yesterday, an uncle said that he felt it would be wise to go visit "D" while there was still time. Apparently his weight has skyrocketed to at least 600 lbs & he is experiencing quite a number of physical problems so we are all deeply concerned for him.

The thing is: he refuses to exercise or eat healthy foods so we really don't know what to do in this situation. Do we just sit back and watch him kill himself? It is just so sad and devastating to us.

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

For You

I haven't had anything interesting to post about about the past few days & still don't but I found this site & thought of my blogging friends so I'm sharing it with you. Have a great day! *s*

For You

Saturday, July 22, 2006

Yard Sale

This year the world's longest sale is scheduled for August 3-6 & I am not sure I am quite ready for it this year! It starts in Gadsden, Alabama & extends to Covington, Kentucky...over 450 miles.

Seriously, I do enjoy meeting & chatting with the yard salers when they come through but hate the heat! And, I always end up buying more than I sell. *s*

To learn more about it, click here.

Thursday, July 20, 2006

Not In This Lifetime!

My little chihuahua, Elise, has a boyfriend but, being the interferring kind of momma I am, I have put a huge kink in the budding romance. However, she is like a typical teen & I have caught her sneaking out of the house to see the love of her life a few times & when I make her come back home, she gives me THAT look. *s*
As you can see from the above photo (I have used this one before but it is the only good one I have), Elise is one beautiful girl & would make a great "wife" for someone. But I'm not sure I am ready for this to happen & may never be, to be honest --- especially not with her choice for a love interest.

Would you like to see why I have felt the need to put my foot down? Below is a photo of Elise's heartthrob. When you see it, I am certain you will understand my feelings.

This is a photo of a Great Pyrenees. I don't have a photo of Chance to share but this relationship will never happen! LOL

Tuesday, July 18, 2006


I would like to thank everyone for sharing their childhood memories in my post below...I really enjoyed reading each one very much but I must say that I am so glad that Carmen survived her childhood stunt unscathed! *s*

Monday, July 17, 2006

Memory Lane

The other day I was sharing some of my childhood memories with the infamous Mr K & then started wondering what crazy stunts my blogging friends could share....go ahead, 'fess up! *s* Below are a few of mine.

I think the silliest thing I did as a child was attempting to walk across hot coals barefoot. After watching a documentary about the people in India doing it without any burns, my brother(I only had 1 at the time) & sisters decided we would give it a go. Needless to say, we all suffered burns on our feet & had to go shoeless for quite some time!

Then there was the time one winter my brother & I were dancing with the broom as a dance partner --- just having some fun. Well, one of us (can't recall which) tripped & the broom broke the living room window. Yikes...Dad hit the roof!! He would not allow us to stand by the stove for warmth as part of our punishment but while the rest of me was cold, my seat was really warm! LOL I think that was the last time dad spanked me.

This is not really a stunt & it is kinda bittersweet I think but I will share it too. My dad was a very hard worker & always managed to provide for his family but during the depression, it must have been more difficult for him & I wished I had been more aware but I was just a child. During the summer months, we all went barefoot but each winter, dad always made sure we had a new pair of shoes for school & he would burn our old ones in the wood burning stove, Well, one year I watched him do it & must have decided it looked like fun or something so later that day, I threw my new shoes in the stove!
To my dad's credit, he found it funny & even laughed about it but I am sure he was saddened too. Fortunately, a friend gave me another pair of shoes for school...and believe me, I never did that again!

Sunday, July 16, 2006


I know that I have been absent from the Blogsphere the past few days but the infamous Mr K chose to take this weekend off work so I have beeen really busy. Fortunately, he chose to go to town without me today so I am taking some time for me. *s*

Two of my friends were really lucky to get a vacation this past week...welcome back, Echo & Tiger San! Hope you both had lots of fun & I will try to stop by for a visit today. *s*

I missed an event yesterday so am posting it belatedly. I actually thought it wasn't until the 18th but I did a little research & found I was wrong....go figure! LOL So, today, I am honoring COWS! Yep, yesterday was Cow Appreciation Day...did you know that?

To my credit, I didn't eat any beef yesterday but oops, I didn't do without my cheese! Speaking of cheese, I love all the happy cow favorite one is the ringing doorbell one though. I laugh every time I see it!

Okay, I'm gonna hush now & go visit blogs while I have the chance. *s*

Friday, July 14, 2006

Friday Feast 102 --- My 4th One


Name one thing nice that you could do for someone else today.
I could run errands for one of my neighbors.


When was the last time you were frightened by the weather?
I cannot recall ever being frightened by the weather.


What would you say is the most useful website or blog that you visit?
Actually, I haven't really visited a useful blog but I do have several that I find really enjoyable. *s*

Main Course

Who was your favorite singer/group when you were a child?
I guess I would have to say Elvis...what a great singer he was!


Do you have any rituals? If so, what are they?
Every morning I stumble (literally) to the coffee maker & then I let the 2 littlest chis out & sit outside to enjoy the early morning sights & is so peaceful for me.

Would you like to partake in the Friday Feast?

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

What Do You Think?

I have been following a trial on tv in which a woman has admitted to stoning her 3 sons...two died at the scene but the 3rd one, an infant, survived. However, his injuries are so severe that he will never be able to function well in school, play organized sports, or hold a job.

Why a trial, you ask, if she has pled guilty? It is because she is claiming insanity & says that God told her to kill her sons. Yet, before she committed these heinous acts, she locked her husband in the bedroom and when she had finished killing/maiming her children, she called 911. Doesn't that seem as if she were aware that her actions were wrong?

Personally, I think that for a momma to hurt or kill her children is insane but I also feel that God gets blamed for things he didn't do or say. What do you think? To her credit, she does seem remorseful & cries a lot...nor will she look at the photos of her sons.

Irregardless of the outcome of her trial, I just know that this is a tragedy that never should have happened and so many lives have forever been changed!

Monday, July 10, 2006

Lucky Me!

On rare occasions, the infamous Mr K can actually be nice. For the past few days, I have really been having lots of back pain so he has hired someone to come clean my house on Thursday. Normally, I would rather clean my own house but considering the circumstances, I'm not gonna complain one little sireee, Bob! *s*

Sunday, July 09, 2006

Bad Start

I overslept this morning which is very unusual for me but when I do, it seems to ruin my whole day. While typing the word unusual, I misspelled it the first time...this is not a good sign. lol

Before I even had enough caffeine in my system, the infamous Mr K decided a trip to Wal-Mart would be good so I stumbled out to the car with my 3 chis in tow & off we went. The store is only about 10 miles away but the trip seemed to take forever!

When he parked the car at the store, he asked Lady Kuri if she wanted to go shopping with him? Not a good idea...Kuri is very shy & skittish so when she gets scared, she hides. I said, I can picture in my mind her hiding in the store & you being escorted out of the store for screaming your favorite expletive. He laughed & said yeah.

I am home now & am sitting here guzzling coffee as I type. I think I will be totally lazy for most of the day but do plan on visiting my favorite blogs later today.

How is your Sunday going? *s*

Saturday, July 08, 2006

Mountain News

My peaceful mountain isn't always peaceful. Yesterday, in broad daylight, someone broke into my sister-in-law's home while she was at work! They cut her phone lines & ripped the box out before entering the house. Yet, of all the things of value that she has, the only thing they took was her safe & it only held her treasured family photos so we find that very strange indeed! We don't know who did it but we do know the type of car they were driving but it will be hard to find without the tag number. I sure am hoping that they catch the criminals but am just so glad that no one was hurt!

5 Things

When I stopped by Mumbo Jumbo's blog, I found this cute meme called 5 Things & decided to do one too. *s*

5 Things

In my refrigerator:

Dr Pepper
Ranch dressing
Frozen dinners...gotta love microwavable meals! *s*
Hot dogs
Apple jelly...I need to buy some strawberry preserves this week.

In my closet:

Clothes (that I seldom wear...mostly dresses)
A huge white teddy bear
A tin girl that should be hanging on my porch
A state coin collection
Several empty boxes that I have not yet thrown away.

In my purse:

Ink Pen
Lip Balm
Photos of my grandchildren
My Library card
Loose change

In my car:

Car seats for the grandkids
A pair of safety glasses
A screwdriver...only the infamous Mr K knows why!
*A cute little toy kangaroo.
Paper napkins

Friday, July 07, 2006

A Note of Sadness

I just found out a little bit ago that one of my friends' nephews chose to take his own life the other day & I think it is really, really sad that one so young would feel the need to end his life...he was only in his twenties. My friend just lost her dad not too long ago, as well & is still mourning for him. The family is devastated, of course, and my heart feels their pain.

The Infamous Mr K Speaks

My Telemarketing Answer

The phone rang as I was sitting down to my evening meal, and as I answered it, I was greeted with "Is this the Infamous Mr. K?" Since he didn't seem to know me, I asked who is calling.

The telemarketer said he was with The Rubber Band Powered Freezer Company or something like that. Then I asked him if he knew the infamous Mr K personally and why was he calling this number.

I then said (off to the side), "Get some pictures of the body at various angles and the blood smears". I then turned back to the phone and advised the caller that he had entered a murder scene and must stay on the line because we had already traced this call and he would be receiving a summons to testify in this murder case.

I questioned the caller at great length as to his name, address, phone number at home, at work, who he worked for, how he knew the dead guy and could he prove where he had been about one hour before he made this call.

The telemarketer was getting very concerned and his answers were given in a shaky voice. I then told him we had located his position and the police were entering the building to take him into custody, at that point I heard the phone fall and the scurrying of his running away.

Chi asked me, as I returned to our table, why I had tears streaming down my face and so help me, I couldn't tell her for about fifteen minutes. My meal was cold, but it was the best meal in a long, long time. *s*

Wednesday, July 05, 2006

I'm Back

It is good to be back...I really missed blogging! I hope everyone had a nice holiday. Wanna hear about my exciting 4th?

While the infamous Mr K was grilling hamburgers & hot dogs, a thunderstorm popped up but he did manage to get the meat cooked. Then, as he was eating lunch & watching tv, the electricity blinked off. When it came back on, the tv was fried. I am positive that I will have a new one today. *s*

The storm finally passed so I was able to get in the pool with the grandkids & that was enjoyable. Then I sat outside awhile with my daughter & son-in-law watching the children play until another storm popped up.

By this time, everyone was anxious for our annual grand finale & hoping that the weather would cooperate and it did. *s* As it started to get dark, friends & family started arriving...I think there were at least 50 here!

The fireworks display was absolutely spectacular! I think that each year though...I love watching fireworks. Plus, I really enjoy the time spent with family and friends and the laughter. For me, it was a perfect ending to an imperfect day!