Sunday, June 18, 2006

What A Day!

As some of you know, several months ago, my (almost)blind chi, Sheba, had a devastating experience. For those of you that don't know, here is the story: My daughter & her family were visiting and the grandchildren left the front door open & out Sheba went. Fortunately, she didn't walk off the porch(as she has done previously) but she got disoriented & when that happens, she goes & sits in the road until I go get her. But I was not outside with her that day.

Some neighbors came along on their 4-wheelers & for sport, they kicked Sheba. When we heard her holler, out we all ran but the culprits had sped off! I was so cannot imagine!! My daughter decided to call the local sheriff's office to report the incident & see what we could do. She was told that there was nothing they could do about the animal abuse but that it was illegal to operate a 4-wheeler on paved streets/roads and if I saw them again to immediately call to let them know.

Well, day before yesterday here they came on the 4-wheeler so I called the sheriff's office again. They sent an officer to speak to them & tell them they cannot do that legally. Truthfully, I was a wee bit concerned about retaliation (it seems to be a common practice for them) but the only thing they did was to drive by in their jeep with the music next door neighbor told me. I didn't hear anything though as I was snoozing so their attempt to upset me failed miserably. LOL


At 6:42 AM, Blogger Reverberate58 said...

I will never understand where people get their jollies by harming an animal. Especially one that is friendly and not expecting to be harmed! I do hope there is no retaliation to come and I think you did the right thing!

Sure hope the dog is OK!

At 7:44 AM, Blogger Melli said...

Oh I remember that day so well! Kids can be so DUMB sometimes! The only good thing is, they PROBABLY will outgrow this kind of behavior -- but in the meantime I do think you did the right thing... and I hope blaring music is the extent of their retaliation. Poooooooor Sheba... it's so sad.

At 8:27 AM, Blogger Pink Chihuahua Princess said...

UGH! This type of stuff makes me sooooooooo mad!!!!!!! Can you tell?!?! Gosh, I can hardly type I'm so peeved. Your poor little baby was out there minding her own business, and they should not have done that. Precious little Sheba. Hopefully they'll get their due.

At 1:45 PM, Blogger Joshua said...

What can one really say about a person with a heart as such, other than they take out on the smaller beings for the sake of not being able to deal with their own problems in a more constructive way. I do hope Sheba is doing alright, and if nothing else you can look forward to the fact that those who commit such evil deeds will only get what they deserve down the line. Thank you for the commentary on my story BTW, I'm always on the lookout for new readers. I'm in the hopes of updating with a new chapter each week provided and can get my lazy self motivated. I'm oging to attempt to start posting my character designs on my blog as well, always helps to have visual aids, haha. Thanks again.
--Little Reverb

At 4:11 PM, Blogger Barbara said...

How awful. Sorry you have to deal with stuff like that.

Thanks for participating in the Blog Olympics Training Camp!

At 7:57 AM, Blogger LibertyBelle said...

I think animal abuse is almost just as bad. Boy that pisses me off!
Glad to hear she's ok, though.

At 2:59 AM, Blogger Wystful1 said...

Anyone that mistreats animals, should be treated just as they treat them. If they kick 'em...then, they should be kicked!! If they fill 'em full of buckshot, then they too should be filled with scattered buckshot!! I don't care if anyone agrees with me either....that's how I feel!!!!! And that's how I think

At 7:15 AM, Blogger Mama Duck said...

Awwww, poor little thing!

At 3:46 PM, Blogger JenLo said...

Found you through the BChicks--you're gonna have to post somebody at the window with a dart gun to shoot their tires out next time they're by!

At 6:29 PM, Blogger Tracey said...

Found you through blogging chicks.

I'm with Jenlo.
Dart gun.
Flat tires.
Then bring out the crow bars...

Get a rope.

At 10:03 AM, Blogger PatentPrincess said...

Oh, that stinks. I don't understand why there are so many punks in the world that get so much entertainment out of harming a defenseless little animal. What's up with that?! I'm not normally a "get even" kind of person, but next time I would have been tempted to stand at the window with DH's paintball gun slung over my shoulder...sheesh. Poor Sheba :(


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