Monday, June 12, 2006

Book Review # 1

A Painted House by John Grisham is about life in rural Arkansas as seen through the eyes of a seven year old...there are lots of adventures in this book. I found it to be extremely fact, I stayed up until 3:00 a. m. this morning reading it.

I would definitely recommend it & give it two thumbs up. *s*


At 4:41 AM, Blogger Wystful1 said...

I see now you're reading the Da Vinci Code....that is ONE excellent book. I still want to read it again. Some day.

"Painted House" I've not read but with your review, I will most certainly read it.

I started reading Zorro, a fictionalized bio by Isabel Allende, but then while surfing the 'net a week back, I read that Brody is training for a movie role of the great bullfighter Manolete who was killed by a bull in Spain. And I quickly ran to the book shelf and got down Bud's book on Manolete -- the uncanny resemblance of the real bullfighter and Brody is eerie!!! So, when I finish reading about Spain and bullfights, I will go back to Zorro! hehehehe

Have a terrific day.

At 11:02 AM, Blogger Melli said...

Yes... A Painted House was a wonderful story! Several "issues" brought forth through that young man's eyes.

The DaVinci Code is definately excellent too! I haven't seen the movie yet... and I'm not sure if I even will... I've heard such mixed reviews about it! But the book was top notch! Ya just have to keep in mind that it's only a story! I can't believe how many people I talk to that think everything in it is FACT! It's scary!

At 12:57 PM, Blogger Stacie said...

oooooo Thanks for this review...I am looking for things to read this summer! Stacie

At 1:01 PM, Anonymous Lifecruiser said...

That is one of the reasons why I can't read books in the evenings - I don't stop reading until they're finished!

At 7:16 PM, Blogger WendyWings said...

I read this one quite some time ago, it was a great read.


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